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You are welcome to fill out your Mary Gates Atkinson Scholarship Application online here or download and mail it in!
Due Date: May 1, 2024

Mary Gates Atkinson Scholarship Application & Guidelines


Sponsored by the American Baptist Women's Ministries of the Central Region (ABWMCR). The purpose of the scholarship is to provide assistance to students who have a passion to serve the Lord in whatever way He leads and are active members of an American Baptist Church in the Central Region, an approved international student, or an active member from an ABC National Mission. Currently scholarships are $500.00/semester for full-time students or $250.00/semester for half-time students.

The Mary Gates Atkinson scholarships were originally given to those enrolled in courses that provided training for pastoral or other Christian vocation. The ABWMCR board recognizes in today's world most pastors need a second profession to provide for their family and repay the high costs of education. International missionaries also now need a profession (agricultural, medical, educational, etc.) that can be used while they are witnessing of Jesus' love and saving grace. When pastoral ministry is a person's passion, the ministry education is usually in seminary.  Thus, the AB Women's Ministries Board has eliminated the original requirement.


The Mary Gates Atkinson scholarships were also originally given to students who attended an ABC college. The ABWCR board recognizes students often need to choose an institution other than an ABC college for financial reasons. ABWCR expects scholarship recipients will attend and serve in an ABC church.    Preference is given to those attending an ABC-affiliated college.  Seminary students must be attending Central Baptist Seminary or another ABC-affiliated seminary.


Awards are granted for one semester at a time and paid directly to the college or seminary. Recipients may be considered for renewal provided they continue to fulfill qualification requirements, make normal progress toward graduation, and continue to need financial assistance.

The scholarship committee usually does not personally know the student.  The committee depends on those in leadership who know the applicant best.  Therefore, to be considered for the Mary Gates Atkinson Scholarship, the applicant must provide a letter from the applicant's ABCCR pastor explaining the applicant's passion for the ministry of Christ, along with the applicant's use of their gifts in the local church and/or community and how the applicant's use of their gifts in the local church and/or community and how the applicant has influenced or has been influenced by peers.


If questions arise contact President Mona Huggins at huggins.mona@gmail or 913-645-2642.


Completed Application, Applicant Photo, and Pastor's Reference Letter
DUE: MAY 1. 2024

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